Coping With Illness
Coping With Illness

Can you get a cold sore from being sick or down?

Cold sores often happen when we’re at a low. Here’s how to take care of yourself during those tough moments in life.

Get support. Friends and family want to be there for you, but they don’t always know what you need. Rather than avoid them, let them know how they can support you. You can also find support groups through counselling centres, your GP or local hospital.

Look after your physical and emotional needs. Caring for yourself will keep your energy levels high and replenish your emotional reserves. You can do this by facing your feelings and trying to express them in a tangible or creative way. Avoiding your feelings only prolongs the healing process. And also make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating right and exercising too.

Keep doing what you like to do. Continuing to do the things you like will keep your spirits up and help you stay connected to a positive sense of self. It can also boost your confidence and give you a feeling of community.

Be gentle with yourself. It takes time to adapt to an illness or loss. Your feelings at first can be confusing and range from anger and fear to sadness. Once you learn how to fit something like a chronic illness into your life or let yourself experience the grief of loss, you’ll slowly start to feel like yourself again.