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Boost your confidence with cold sores

The top 5 ways to boost your confidence when you’ve got a cold sore

Cold sores don’t have to disrupt your life. There are lots of ways to reduce the impact on your emotions and confidence. When you have a cold sore, just a few simple actions can get you back to feeling like your true self. Here are our top tips.

Get moving. A cold sore might want to make you hide inside but try to get outdoors. Activities like walking, biking and swimming can boost your mood and self-esteem. Don’t forget your sun protection!

Treat yourself well. Take this time to highlight and care for all of you: wash and style your hair, do your nails, or treat yourself to a massage.

Dress for the occasion. When it feels like the whole world’s staring, make them focus on something else. Wear a wide-brimmed hat, air out that favourite dress you don’t wear enough, or just spend a little extra time planning today’s outfit.

Celebrate yourself. Don’t let a cold sore make you lose sight of who you are: jot down your five greatest strengths, plus five things you admire about yourself. The simple act of writing it down can help you keep things in perspective.

Try ‘mutual complimenting.’ Although it may seem awkward and forced, call a friend (or your mum) and, for 10 minutes, alternate saying positive things about one another. A cold sore can be an isolating experience so make time to catch up with those you love.