Keep winter warm

Cold weather, dry air and winter wind can dry out lips, leaving them vulnerable to cold sore outbreaks. Here are a few helpful tips for caring for your lips in winter.

Facing the cold may mean also facing your cold sore virus – but familiarising yourself with the winter conditions that can trigger your cold sore is a great way to avoid an outbreak. To start, remember that fever, stress, fatigue and any events that affect your immune system may also cause a recurrence.

Stay healthy. Everyone becomes more vulnerable to colds and flu during the winter. Since fever is known to be a potential trigger of cold sore outbreaks, try to take extra precautions against getting sick. Be diligent about washing your hands, and avoid touching your eyes and nose, a common way to contract a common cold virus.

Drink lots of fluid. While you might not think about drinking water when it’s cold, it’s important to stay hydrated. Good hydration helps to defend your lips from the dry air caused by winter heating.

Wind and sun. Winter winds can be cruel to anyone’s lips. But if you’re someone who gets cold sores, the wind is truly not your friend. Be certain to always wear lip products that help protect from chapping and the sun. Even though it’s winter, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can still be damaging.

Take a nap. The good news is that winter is a naturally great time to catch up on sleep and relax indoors. Both are great ways to avoid fatigue and stress, which can trigger cold sores, and are also good for boosting your immune system. By being well rested, your whole body – including your lips – will thank you.